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DNA theory - The Neutral All-embracing theory.

The DNA theory embraces everything, the construction of the human, the earth and the universe and how everything is interconnected and how it relates to each other.
The new theory puts everything into a new light that changes our entire perception of reality.

The DNA theory solves most mysteries in both the human and the universe. Now matter how we twist and turn it, everything has its source in the original DNA discovered by Edens Have.
Western scientists have mapped approx. 4% of the DNA (RNA/copy), and we have mapped the remaining 96% of the DNA. It is the same as the knowledge about dark energy approx. 74% and approx.
22% dark matter, constituting 96% that no one has previously known about.
What we say is that the answer we have found in the body through our original DNA (microcosmos) reflects just the same as we have found in the universe (macrocosmos). This means that Edens Have has found a way to use the whole capacity of the whole brain,
not only the approx. 4% recently used.

This is mainly about the knowledge and the doctrine about the DNA. Most of us know that our DNA contains programmed information, which do not only explain how we are constructed,
but also how we can dispose/maintain everything in the best possible way. In our DNA we find all the information we ever need in all situations! It contains the human and the universe total recipe. Edens Have has found the original genetic code (which is the original recipe) in human through our DNA, which is the beginning of our origin.

The background of our research started in the beginning of the 90s, when we discovered a gland which was lying midway between the neck knots behind your head (near by the Medulla oblomgata).
This gland contains incredibly many answers of our unsolved riddles and diseases in the body. What made our interest first, was that the answer to dementia was to be found here, something we now are certain of. What we did not foresee, was that this gland led to a much more extensive study within totally new areas that was not planned.This includes a.o. new DNA and chromosome knowledge, new understanding of a.o. time, place and space and new perception of the human, the world and the universe.

In order to find the core to everything, we have based our research on neutral energy. Both western and eastern thinking is based on duality, while the whole universe is based on neutral energy.
We usually judge everything either to be positive or negative,
which means that we move ourselves up or down, it is only the neutrality that expands our entire horizon. This is the teaching from the universe, it is only there everything expands.

Edens Have is in between western science and eastern thinking.
This enabled us to link this together into a totally new complete system, which shows that we have a lot to learn from each other. On this journey to find answers and to unite everything, Edens Have has developed what we have called The universal language.
What everyone has done so far, is changing thoughts and feelings in humans. Going beyond our thoughts and feelings, something that most people consider to be impossible.
It is exactly what The universal language do, which is the same as going to the beginning, without bringing a.o. old thoughts and behaviour patterns. This is what have led us and made it possible to prepare the DNA theory.

We have many pyramids in our physical body (microcosmos),
which are mapped and named by the western health sector.
These pyramids, we do also have in different parts around the world (macrocosmos).
What many do not know is, that if you study one pyramid in our body, for example the pyramid in the pelvis, you can find out and release exactly the same as it is in the Kheops-pyramid (the Great Pyramid of Giza) in Egypt.These are a perfect reflection of each other, the difference is that one is micronized (in microsize) and the other outside the body in macro size.
Edens Have has found and mapped where the most important pyramids are outside us (on earth) and those inside of us, and which reflects each other.
This has meant that we have been given enormously knowledge about what really excist in us, knowledge about the human-being and the earth, and our original history (unknown history).
The most important is to understand how we you can release all this, the different energies and the possibilities which are tied up in the pyramids.

Many of us have realized that we have everything inside us.
The holy symbols of the body are only a small extract showing this.The world has been looking for many of the magical/holy symbols around the world. Edens Have has found and mapped 11 of these inside the body, a.o.the sorcerer’s stone, the holy grail,
the sword, the medallion and the ring.
The first magical symbol we found was the sorcerer’s stone,
which is in our thymus (our 8. the Thymus chakra). It is said that the sorcerer’s stone make you becoming a enlightened human and can transform base metals into gold.
Most of us know that the thymus is the main organ in our physical immune system, the sorcerer’s stone also connects (links up) our mental immune system This enables us to use more of the brain capacity and thereby become an enlightened human–being.
Our body is dependent of iron (base metal) to transport oxygen around in the body, which is to say that iron is important in order to not become “too light” (there is too much oxygen – e.g. dizziness) or “too heavy” (there is too little of oxygen e.g. – depression).
When the thymus is connected to (linked up to) the sorcerer’s stone, you can change iron into “gold”. This is the same as linking up the 9. Wheel chakra (which is gold), so that the body can expand the horizon and be in total balance.

The body is very thoroughly mapped through the western system (health sector) and which processes directing (conducting) what.
If you e.g. think of the nervous system, it is well known that some part are expressed by will (e.g. the somatic nervous system) and others not expressed by will (e.g. the autonomic nervous system). The parts of our nervous system not expressed by will
(e.g. governed from outside), the scientists do not really know what is that governs it. Edens Have has through the DNA theory mapped this, and the including processes (also a.o.the diaphragm muscle, the hormone system and most of the others systems),
that causes enormously big changes in our view on the structure.

In the DNA theory, the cells/genetic and chromosomes are central.
The main difference is that so far one has emphasized the copying capability of the cells (copy/RNA) and that the copy is getting poorer and poorer by each cell division. We have found out how the cell can reproduce itself (original/DNA) that make the cell capable of living infinite. This is also the knowledge about the soul.
Edens Have has found new chromosomes, that makes us understand to release right amount of telomerase in the body a.o., that keeps the body healthy and in balance.

Edens Have has in the DNA theory also a quite new and different set up for time/place/space, that turns our view of reality upside down in most respects.
It concerns also totally new unknown processes and new perspectives about how everything is interconnected in relation to a.o. the body, the circuit (both the little and the large),
the universe (how it affects the body and vice versa) and far out to the galaxies. We have both found and mapped time/place/space in the body, spheres/auras, planets and dimensions and how to release time/place/space.

The DNA theory is mainly about our mind and consists of.
It connects everything in us and everything outside us in a totally new way, that no one before has had knowledge about.
The main doctrine of the mind is that what we believe we are dependent of, is actually what lock us inside (and releases a.o. only 4% of all the capacity in the brain and the knowledge in relation to the DNA), so that we do not understand to pass and to reach the remaining 96% that no one earlier has had access to
(that is about dark matter and dark energy).

This is only a small extract of what The Neutral All- embracing theory is about, without having gone in depth of any subject.

Main page - Edens Have Neutral environment:
Edens Have A/S is a neutral center for cooperation and evolvment.

We are revolutionary in most areas and are specialized in neutral energy.
Edens Have has discovered and prepared a totally new unique concept within most fields/areas, highlighting everything in a new way.

Edens Have has solved many mysteries in human and in the universe. Not only have we found the the answers, we can also activate and perform most of the solutions. This means enormous physical changes for humans and the entire universe, and many people will already now change perception and understanding of the structure of both the human and the universe.

All this we can say and do, because Edens Have has prepared
The Neutral All-embracing theory (DNA theory).
The DNA theory includes everything, all body proicesses (a.o. DNA, chromosomes, hormon and other systems inside the body), the aura and the spheres of the earth, and the structure and how the universe works.

This involves a lot of revolutionary news in most fields and a quite uniqe interaction between humans and the univese.

Edens Have has published the book Fullføre mesterverket  (Complete the masterpiece). The book covers the mostbasic information you need to be able to solve your daily questions, and the questions you may have about life and how everything is interconnected. 

Previously we have created/established a new chakra system consisting of 13 chakras.

Edens Have has also inserted a complete new board in connection to the planets and the universe.

We have grasped a range of important factors/things that changes all human existence, e.g. changing the cycle/circuit and discovered that the soul is not originally in the body.

Edens Have will continuously release a lot of discoveries and knowledge within many fields/areas.

Important information:
The 4. dimension enables us to unite heaven and earth, because it is through this dimension the universe is kept together.

In the 4. dimension, there is all the knowledge about how everything really is interconnected and how we can recreate the origin .

It is only through this dimension you can make the invisible visible, by a.o. explaining, illuminate dark matter/substance and dark energy (until now unknown energy).

Isn’t it strange that no one talks about the 4. dimension, which is the “glue” in the universe and so very important in all respects?

If the goal is to reach the 5. dimension (which everyone is focusing on), it will be very difficult without the knowledge and energy from the 4. dimension.

It is only through neutral energy one can enter the 4. and the
5. dimension, because the entire universe is created through neutral energy.

It was in the 4. dimension Edens Have a.o. realized that the soul was not originally in the human.

This brought us further, to create a new complete energy which we have called the Edens Have energy (the energy of Garden of Eden), which is the main energy.

This main energy can bring everything in balance both in
the small- and the large circuit, and which also opens up for full cooperation and unconditional love.

All this have led Edens Have to make The Neutral All-embracing theory (the DNA theory) which we can realize through
The Universal language.

The universal language:
Edens Have is proud to have found and prepared The universal language, which means that we can move from words to action.

It is the sum of the book, Complete the masterpiece, containing all the answers and making us able to move forward, from theory to practice.

It is mainly about science and knowledge of the DNA.
Most of us know that our DNA contains programmed information, not only about how we are built up/created, but also about how we can maintain everything. In our DNA, we have all the information we ever need in all circumstances!

The universal language of Edens Have, consists of 3 parts, put together into a new universal tool. This tool enables us to change words into action, making dreams come true!

The universal language can crush all illusions, inside and outside ourselves, making our mind free, where all the DNA’s are being activated.

Special offer to everybody:
Do you want Edens Have to visit you in Norway or abroad, you now have the opportunity.

If you want to acquire some of our competence or some of our practical help, please let us know.

We will publish limited information about all the areas we researching, so please contact us if more information is desired.

About us:
Edens Have A/S was established in 1999 by Jenny T. Vikhammer, Elin M. Garberg and Reidun E. Vikhammer. Edens Have is a neutral center for cooperation and developement and can a.o. offer treatment, lectures, courses, training and a lot of expertise in several fields.

Jenny T. Vikhammer is the manager of Edens Have and has
built up and developed a new therapy, as an own treatment
which Edens Have have named the DNA energy therapy
(The Neutral All-embracing energy therapy).

Jenny has melted the law of the chakras and the law of the
5 elements into one, forming the foundation for the new energy therapy. This form of treatment is a composition of different types of treatment techniques, which in turn has resulted in completely new types of techniques. She has also discovered total new central points in the body, which is used in the energy therapy.

What makes this energy therapy treatment so special, is that we are able to go back to the original DNA and release blockings that has occurred during.

This therapy is developed through neutral energy, which is extraordinary. Most forms of therapy are all based on positive thinking, which we mean is incomplete in relation to learning.
When you have a neutral attitude, you are open and at the same time non-judgemental to things/people you meet/work with.

Jenny T. Vikhammer has written the book Fullføre mesterverket (Complete the masterpiece). The book drawn througt approx. 25 years in working with energy therapy and research in ao. energy.

It contains how things is intereconnected in human, on earth and in the universe.

She also holds among other things a wide range of courses and lectures to individuals, therapists, companies and organizations.

Jenny has prepared and made what we have called The universal language, which is the sum of everything she has acquired.
This allows her to make words into action. This is an extremely powerful universal tool, which a.o. removes blockings/illusions, which can be used for everything and everyone.

The work/process of how everything is interconnected, has resulted in The Neutral All-embracing theory (DNA theory).
It is about a.o. the whole human being, the earth and the universe. What is our core of origin and the entire development and the interaction between the human being and the universe until today.

Elin M Garberg
Elin is chairman in Edens Have A/S.
She works as a DNA energy therapist (The Neutral All- embracing energy therapist). Elin treats everything from physically-, mentally-, emotionally- and mental problems/challenges both in body and life. The treatment techniques she uses will be adjusted to each individual as needed.

Reidun E. Vikhammer
Reidun is member of the board of Edens Have A/S, and works as counsellor and therapist. Her work is based on The univeral language, making a.o. theory into practice.

She gives lectures and courses to individuals and companies.
Reidun has also helped to written the book Fullføre mesterverket (Complete the masterpiece) and prepared DNA theory (The Neutral All-embracing theory with Jenny T. Vikhammer.

Complete the masterpiece:
Edens Have has also published the book
Fullføre mesterverket (Complete the masterpiece), written by Jenny T. Vikhammer in cooperation with Reidun E. Vikhammer.

You may buy the book a.o. via our webshop. The book is unique for everybody, no matter where you are in life, and can offer you great help in your daily life.

The book contains the energy  and many answers you need to create the life you want/dream of.

Complete the masterpiece contains a.o.:

  • 6 new chakras which can be connected (make use of all knowledge).
  • New universal counting system (which can repeal time, place and space).
  • New DNA knowledge/science (contains all information about human beings  and the universe).
  • New chromosome knowledge/science (who you really are and all you can be).
  • New universal navigation system (using the energy to navigate, with yourself in the centre).
  • New universal communication system (which goes through the heart and instead of the brain.
  • New world perspective/worldview (new understanding of how everything is interconnected).
  • New definitions of helpers, destiny, the self, soul and spirit and more.
  • New set up/lay out of spheres, dimensions and worlds.
  • New set up/understanding of auras (the human and the earth)
  • New system of the holy symbols of the body (e.g. the holy grail, the sorcerer’s stone, the sword and the ring).
  • Our own new system for signals of the body (an overview of the symptoms finding the cause).
  • New knowledge and understanding of the human being/the eternity.
  • New history of religion.

This adds up to a new complete universal language, developed and composed by Eden Have.

Introduction to the book:
We have created a completely new concept consisting of new techniques, new science, new thinking and new combinations/compositions.

The content of this book is from our own material/research leading to a complete total system, where we have melted the old and the new together.

Through this we have managed to create and to release a brand new energy. All of this creates a lot of revolutionary news.

Finding the 6 new chakras is the foundation and the reason why everything else in this book have emerged. We have ourselves, put names on the charkas, which in our opinion describe them best and at the same time found the belonging planet to each one of them.

We have found and put into a complete system (translated) the signals of the body. In the book there is an overview of what the different body parts/organs/systems are related to, and what it means for you and for your life. This is an unique concept for everyone, for therapists and all who are interested.

The scientists have for a long time been looking for new chromosomes. We have found new chromosomes and how the chromosomes are released in the body. They do tell us who we really are, and what we consist/are made of. This leads to new DNA knowledge (science).

No one before us have made Pi add up in the body, this we have done through a complete counting system. This enables the
suspension of time, place and space and to get back to the origin.

The world have for long been waiting for the 3 codes that we have found, which leads to among other to a new understanding of the history.

No one before us have put into system definitions of dimensions, spheres, chakras and worlds.

We have found and put into system the holy symbols inside the
body, a.o. the holy grail, the sorcerer’s stone, the ring and the sword.

We do also have many new definitions of a.o. of souls,
(body/soul/spirit), helpers, destiny and eyes and more.

We have discovered a unique new navigation system and inserted it in the human. This makes us capable of using the energy in navigation based on neutrality. This has led to an opening of a totally new universal communication system which is originally placed in us. The difference between the old and the new system is that we communicate through our hearts and not only through our brains.

No one has before us have opened up for the knowledge in the pyramids, and put the knowledge into system according to the body, the planets and the history.This means that everything that was previously tied up through the pyramids, is now released so that all human beings may share/take part in it.

This new concept contains a totally new system that changes and turns everything upside down, of all our understanding about the human and the universe.

For thousands of years, people have related to 7 chakras.
Edens Have have found 6 new chakras and we are able to establish the new chakras inside the body. This leads among other things to the possibility to increase the capacity in the human, making us capable to endure heavier strain and to put everything in right conditions.

8. The Thymus chakra – we discovered in 1996 –
goes from 2 – 11520 (spokes in the wheel)
9. The Wheel chakra – we discovered in 2000 – goes via waves
10. The Line chakra – we discovered in 2001 – goes via beam
11.The Diamond chakra – we discovered in 2010 – goes via many beams/lights
12. The Light chakra – we discovered in 2011 – light/enlightens
the core of the truth
13 . The holy chakra – we discovered in 2011 – unconditional love

The Thymus chakra is where we begin to link up and use a larger part of the brain capacity.

The wheel chakra is about to use what we have learned, not only to learn new things, and that everything should be in balance.

The Line chakra we can see the continuation on the line even though it is broken/interruption. Here we can see behind the symptom (what we believe is the cause) and to find the real cause.

The Diamond chakra breaks up/splits the “the light” in many beams/directions, making us capable to see everything in different perspectives/angles/directions.

The light chakra enlightens all, and brings out the origin of the truth.

The holy chakra releases unconditional love and brings out the best of ourselves and where cooperation is central.

Edens Have has discovered a number of things, a.o. the code of the old/ancient and the new time, which is the average sum of the variability. Revolutionsary news and this changes our understanding of a.o. time/place/space, DNA and history.

All this will be more clearly/profoundly explained in our book Complete the masterpiece a. o.

All this makes Edens Have to come forward with a lot of revolutionary news within most areas/fields.

The new knowledge is our understanding and truth and it is  important that you find your own truth and your answers in yourself.

Remember – all you do, you do in/on all levels!

Edens Have has developed a totally new concept of treatment.
This enables us among other things to point out (map, understand) and treat people in a new and a more efficient way without “digging in the past”. The most outstanding is our opening of a room in (inside) the human which none before us have opened!

This means that we can go beyond and remove all barriers, recreating the pure core in humans.


  • DNA energy therapy
  • Theraphy/Counseling
  • Theraphy/Counseling for couples
  • Guidance/Coaching

Edens Have works within a wide range, mainly with energy theraphy. This enables us to help people with everything from diseases and to turn hardship to motive power (to be able to turn adversity into new impetus).

Edens Have enables you to help yourself, acute and preventive.
We embrace the whole human being and work behind the symptoms (working with the causal connection).

We teach others to see and to use what we have, because we have everything within ourselves!

DNA energy therapy.
1 hour Nkr. 600,-
Regardless any practical, physical, mental or emotional challenges you may have, our treatment is based on energy imbalance.
You do not need to spend a lot of time and energy in digging in the past to help you understand why the imbalanse has occurred.
This enables us to offer you good solutions for your body and your life and we teach you to keep this maintained. This is an extreme efficient treatment, which is prepared through a new proprietary unique concept by Edens Have. This unique way of treatment we have called the DNA energytherapy (The Neutral All-embracing energy therapy).

1 hour Nkr. 600,-
You do not need to tell your entire ”life story” because we immediately identify where the challenge/imbalance has its origin. We then concentrate to find the best solution without focusing on the problem.
Our unique concept is developed by Edens Have leading directly to the original, recovering the balance.
We teach you to see and use your potential.
We have it all inside ourselves!


Previous courses:

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  • Signal of the body 2
  • Chakras and planets
  • Aura
  • Teaching in symbols and interpretation of dreams
  • Helpers, guides, guardian engels
  • Where are we? Where are we going?
  • Testing of different energies, through hands, sight and feelings
  • Spiritual goodies
  • The magical symbols of the body (the holy symbols of the body)
  • Everything is energy
  • The new chakras
  • Complete the masterpiece (complete the master within)
  • Training that helps you forward in life
  • Become a master yourself
  • Praktikus in the DNA theori
Jenny T. Vikhammer do also lecture among other about the book Fullføre mesterverket (Complete the masterpiece) and
The universal language interesting for those who already have bought the book and for you who plan to. Do not miss the opportunity!

You will get many answers and you will find the book useful in many ways. There she will among other thing explain how things are interrelated, especially through the 11. Diamond chakra.